This page shows two different options for a blue pantomime finale costume set: the first is Prussian Blue and Gold, a rich shade of blue with ornate gold detail; the second is Royal Blue & Silver. Blue is such a sumptuous colour to see dominant on any stage, and our blue panto finales are no exception.

The images here show select principals but, as with all our pantomime finale costume options, there is a whole set of ensemble and dancers' costumes to complement your principals for each set.

The Finale is the last thing your audience see and, perhaps in costume terms, what they will remember most after leaving the theatre. Therefore, Molly Limpet's recognises the importance of investing in the opulence of a Finale costume set, despite the fact that it is probably the costumes that are worn the least in the whole show! But, it will make the kids beg for more, and help to bring your audiences back year after year to see how you (and Molly Limpet's) are outdoing yourselves.

Please let us know when enquiring for your panto costumes which colour Finale set you will require for your production. We work alongside many of the main scenery suppliers, who send us images of sets so that we can advise on the best costume sets to put against it - this is one of the many benefits of using a hire company to design and supply your productions.